Sunday, August 30, 2020

Ms. T's Special Education Class: Lesson Plans Remote Teaching 8/31/2020

Lesson Plans Week of 8/31/2020 
Online Learning Mod/SH Class
Ms. Melanie Taylor, teacher

8:00 am Google Meet Sign on
Greeting-Students will verbally greet students and staff; students are allowed to use Google Meet Chat to greet each other in writing.

Agenda- Students review daily online schedule. 
  • 8am Log onto to Ms. T’s Google Meet
  • 8:42 Log onto to PE Google Classroom
  • Student may rejoin Ms. T’s Google Meet early from questions or discussion.
  • 10:00 Log onto to Ms. T’s Google Meet and remain
  • 10:05 Log onto Acellus for Independent Learning-stay on Ms. T’s Google Meet
  • 11:00  Return to Ms. t’s Google Meet
  • 11:57 End of school-students may socialize during lunch until 12:07-bu don't get food on your Chromebooks!

Physical Education Students log on to PE Google Classroom

10am Students return to Ms. T’s Google Meet and remain , then opening a new tab and logging onto Acelllus to work.

11am Students return to Ms. T’s Class Google Meet for Class Activity and discussion.
11:45 Students will verbally say good-bye and are allowed to use Google Meet Chat to say goodbye to each other.

Monday’s Google Classroom Discussion What is a Fairy Tale. Comparing Fairy Tales.
Tuesday’s Google Classroom Discussion Safety Signs

Wednesday’s Google Classroom Discussion
Transition: Paes Lab: Learning about tools

Thursday’s Google Classroom Discussion
Transition: Going shopping

Friday’s Google Classroom Discussion

Recreation: Music and art-Playlist created by class

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