Saturday, November 14, 2020

Educational Links 11/15/2020


Strategies for Working Efficiently When Teaching Online

Teacher to Teacher: Let’s Improve How Schools and Families Talk About Race

Fostering a Collaborative Classroom During Remote Learning

Rising Covid-19 rates halt school reopening plans in three California counties

Pushback Is Growing Against Automated Proctoring Services. But So Is Their Use

Fostering a Collaborative Classroom During Remote Learning

It wouldn’t surprise you to hear that the learning process is at its peak when connection is involved. We retain and commit information to memory when there are emotional factors involved in our learning, which are created by interaction with others in the learning process.

So, what does that mean for students who are at their kitchen table accessing all of their learning from a device this year? There are still many ways to create that connection remotely to optimize learning for your students, but it requires learning a few new tricks and taking some academic risks to try new things.

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