Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Hilarity in the Wildlife Habitat


We really didn't do it on purpose as a prank on the birds in the wildlife habitat, but it is pretty humorous. Who knew our Earth Science project would turn into a Christmas carnival carousel?

During distance learning, I demonstrated to my Special Ed class how to create pinecones slathered in peanut butter rolled in bird seed. Then I hung the two bird feeders with twine in different locations--the northern front yard which is actually the Butterfly Garden, and the southern back yard which is the wildlife habitat. We have Special Activities  three times a week with three different, small student groups. I tell the kids I'm grabbing my blue Chromebook and we're going outside. 

Today, Christmas, I caught white crowned sparrows trying so hard to reach the underside of the pinecones with the remaining peanut butter and seeds. Turn, turn, turn-and it's the birds not the Byrds!

I am a pretty poor videographer-but you can get the humor of the situation. Please forgive my guffaws-they cracked me up!

Nature, My Garden and Me: Hilarious birds spinning on pine cone peanut butter/birdseed feeder 

Nature, My Garden, and Me: Birds spin on pinecone bird feeder

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