Saturday, March 21, 2020

Home Learning: ELA: Writing (Severely Handicapped)

Home Learning: ELA Resources: Writing 
Lessons for Printing the Alphabet
Materials: sharpened pencils, eraser, whiteboard,, whiteboard pen

  • Student sets up work place with a clear desk-type surface. Places sharpened pencils and eraser in convenient spot.
  • Teacher demonstrates formation of the letters on the whiteboard, student copies on the whiteboard.

  • Student writes letter or words on page.Teacher checks. If correct, student continues to next line.
  • Teacher demonstrates as needed.
  • Student completes page, teacher checks. Student puts page away in ELA folder.
Choose at least of one page each day of Tracing Letters.

Choose one page a week of Printing Letter Worksheets.

Choose one page a week of Uppercase and Lowercase Letters.

Choose one page a week of Alphabetical Order Worksheets.

Choose one page a week of Shapes Worksheets.

I use K-5 Learning as a resource. Parents or Teacher Surrogates can peruse the choices and add on pages as you see your student is interested. The first link is for all the letters of the alphabet-students can choose ones we haven't already done in class.

Remember, teacher, one step at a time. Keeping a reasonable schedule-for example, having ELA at the same time each day (we had it at 8:00 am and sometimes at 11:00am)- will build security and interest in your homeschooling. When your student is clearly finished with the task, end the lesson on a positive note.

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