Friday, January 29, 2021

Educational Links 1/20/2021


How to Create a Digital Library That Kids Eat Up

Anthony Fauci: ‘Get Teachers Vaccinated as Quickly as We Possibly Can’

How Leveraging Curiosity May Keep Students Engaged From Afar

California teachers union wants schools in ‘purple’ counties to stay closed for 100 days; vaccinations for staff

What Lessons Does Special Education Hold for Improving Personalized Learning?

Fun, Educational Activities for Super Bowl Sunday 2021

8 Strategies For Helping Students Learn To Ask For Help

Becoming a lifelong learner takes time, effort, and help from others. We can always improve. Asking for help and using one’s resources to solve problems is a strength, not a weakness. Developmentally, middle and early high school students are ripe for learning that self-advocacy is essential to future success.

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