Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Women's History Month: Chai Ling

Chai Ling, Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Chai Ling was a leader in the Tianamen Square protests of 1989. She is the founder of All Girls Allowed, an organization dedicated to ending China's one-child policy, and the founder and president of Jenzabar, an enterprise resource planning software firm for educational institutions.

Chai in Tianamen Square, 1989

Chai was involved in the protests, which included a hunger 
strike. She was considered dangerous to the Communistgovernment andescaped to Taiwan, then Europe and the United States where 
she continued her education.

Chai has been called to testify before the United States Congress 8 times, most recently on June 3, 2013. Her testimony has mainly related to Human Rights Issues in China.

Autobiography of Chai Ling

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