Thursday, April 22, 2021

Teachable Moment: A Party Game for William's Birthday

Need A G-Rated Insult? 

I find Shakespeare animal memes hilarious. I just can't help it. So here's the game--I'll give you a hint which plays these come from-- you guess. To be sure, you can always google the quote.

Which of these first four are from Richard III, Hamlet, Two Gentleman of Verona or a sonnet?








Of the next three, which are from Richard II, Romeo and Juliet?

Of the three memes above, which are from Romeo and Juliet or Richard III?

Of these four memes below, which are from MacBeth, Midsummer Night's Dream,  and Romeo and Juliet?

This last group:

Two from MacBeth, one from Midsummer's Night's Dream.






 My own meme--from a play we study in grade ten in the USA.

Celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday with some of his best insults and pickup lines

Welcome to the official Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebrations website.

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