Sunday, August 8, 2021

Educational Links 8/9/21


Why You Should Bring Podcasts Into Your Classroom

9 Mean Teacher Comments Every Student with ADHD Knows Too Well

When to Worry About an Anxious Child


These Districts Will Risk Breaking State Law to Continue Anti-Racism Work

How going remote led to dramatic drops in public school students 

Fighting the Delta Variant: School Reopening Just Got a Lot More Complicated

5 Ways Districts Are Battling the Delta Variant Amid Political Upheaval

“My teacher is so mean. She doesn’t like me.” If your child has ADHD, you know that “mean teachers” are rarely cruel on purpose. But sometimes their lack of knowledge and training on ADHD means that they have expectations — and comments — that are wholly inappropriate and/or unhelpful for our kids. Here are the 9 that I remember most clearly.

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