Monday, October 18, 2021

Educational Links 10/17/21


How to Design Better Tests, Based on the Research

Popular Literacy Materials Get ‘Science of Reading’ Overhaul. But Will Teaching Change?

“Is ADHD Really Real?” 6 Ranked Responses to ADD Skeptics

‘This is not inclusive.’ Some students with disabilities are going without as districts scale back virtual programs

How to Enhance Working Memory in your Classroom

Should K–12 Schools Be Hesitant to Spend Federal Funds?

Teachers Have Reached a Breaking Point. But Remedies Do Exist.

Burned out, tired, demoralized, at a breaking point. Spend time with teachers these days, and phrases such as these will come up often. It's not a new narrative, but it’s certainly an accurate one for many, as the pandemic continues to radically reshape the education landscape.

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