Thursday, May 19, 2022

Resources for Social-Emotional Learning (S E L)



What Is Social-Emotional Learning?

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

Find and share resources for creating a healthy school culture by helping students develop skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts, and make responsible decisions.

Social-Emotional Learning Approaches

An emerging approach to encouraging positive mental health and behavior in young people is to adopt social and emotional learning (SEL) curricula in schools. 

Six Ways to Teach Social and Emotional Skills All Day

The types of skills required to care for and advocate for oneself and others — self-regulation, responsibility, empathy, and discipline, among others — are becoming increasingly central to the work of schools and teachers, and increasingly relevant to the lifelong success of students.

How SEL helps you as a teacher

To teach SEL, we need to be aware of and continue to develop our own social-emotional skills as educators. Only then can we model and teach those skills to our students.
As a starting point, both educators and students need to feel valued and safe. 

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