Saturday, December 31, 2022

Hello 2023


It is not with regret we say goodbye to 2022.

The school reopening took us by surprise with intense complexity for kids and adults. Health issues were difficult to overcome for many, and everyone struggled to hatch new solutions to significant troubles. We suffered loss. We made decisions we questioned. We ended in places unfamiliar and disconcerting.

But we had each other this last year.  And we had the kids. The kids brought joy and now bring hope and expectation of a great future.

What a huge, interesting challenge we are tackling. So much SEL, ELL--new strategies and innovations melding with established practices. 

By necessity, we continue to develop into superior educators. We bring fantastic classrooms to function for our kids, using new research, insights, and innovations. We must therefore we do.

This new year, 2023, will be noted for remarkable accomplishment in education. We may not notice while we are teaching because we will be too busy, but the kids will show it. It is going to be okay, maybe even marvelous.

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