Thursday, February 9, 2023

Building A Relationship With Your Students


12 Strategies To Build Relationships With Students

Strategy # 1. Know their story

If you don’t know ‘who’ they are and ‘where’ they come from, any relationship is entirely academic.

What Building Relationships With Students Really Means

If your students trust you because you always do what you say will, and they like you because you’re consistently pleasant, then powerful, behavior-influencing rapport will happen naturally and without you having to work at it.

The ‘How’ of Building Deeper Relationships with Students

“Because I’ve made myself approachable, some of my students will tell me stories about their lives during the five minutes between classes,” she writes. “I stop what I am doing, look them in the eyes, and listen. I love seeing their eyes light up as they tell me these stories, and these encounters always leave me a little more knowledgeable about who they are as people.”

My off-duty reflections are occupied disproportionately with outliers: the most defiant learners, and kids who revere me. Wouldn’t more students benefit if the approach were less haphazard and unconscious? I decided to experiment with being deliberate and intensive in thinking about my students.

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