Thursday, June 29, 2023

What's Going On In The Garden? It's Almost The Fourth!

Here is a color bowl for the Fourth of July-white lantana, red petunias, and blue salvia. These flowers are considered annuals  but with TLC might survive the winter and thrive next year.
The little guy in the middle is Gnome Washington.

The summer is warming up here in the high desert of California.The Melanie Link Taylor Learning Garden and Wildlife Habitat in Apple Valley as always is a thriving, lovely place to be a part of nature.

Cabbage White butterfly

Birds, bees, butterflies, along with a bonus serving of ground squirrels, cottontail rabbits are really thriving in our wildlife habitat.

Raven at its favorite watering 

I contribute watering stations and a large variety of birds love them- including the extra large ravens familiar in our area.

Coopers Hawk

We have a Coopers Hawk that regularly hunt in our yard. I have planted many desert friendly trees for it to swoop right through.


We love all our natural critters-preying mantis, dragonfly, bees, even wasps (though they get a wide berth.) I especially love the earthworms.

Lots of different types of flowers bless the butterflies, bees and beneficial insects.

Rose bush

This is an amazingly sweet-smelling rose bush-Mr. Lincoln. All pollinators and hummingbirds love it! Me, too.

Canna Lily

This is a Canna Lily. It is not a bush, or grown from a seed, but rhizomes that are a type of bulb. The canna lily creates more rhizomes and grows back every year.


This color of verbena is especially attractive to butterflies, It is heat tolerant and lives as a perennial in our butterfly garden.

Cultivating the Melanie Link Taylor Learning Garden and Wildlife Habitat keeps me grounded and empowered to share the wonders of nature with my students.
Melanie Link Taylor

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