Sunday, February 5, 2012

NFL Coaches With 'Super' Advice To Teachers

Pats' coach Bill Belichick
Well, I'm willing to listen. Here's what the NFL is telling teachers on Super Bowl Sunday.,8599,2045812,00.html?xid=fblike
And Tiquan had his Pats' hair cut.
This is really interesting. The NFL folks give reasonable advice about evaluating data to create a more effective game plan (lesson.) Good idea, but hardly news.  But then the 'Widget Effect' comes up in the conversation, basically stating that weak coaches/players, teachers/administrators should be identified and eliminated. I guess like Tiquan Underwood who was fired the day before the Super Bowl. We'll see if the Pats win. (It's 3:52 pm PST)

Bill Walsh, one of the best ever coaches
Now, Bill Walsh, that's the coach of coaches. He wrote some very positive advice for teachers and everyone who works with kids.

"Kids who take part in any sport get to feel the euphoria of victory, but they also learn how to deal with loss."

"Having to play a role determined by coaches, whether it is exactly what a player hopes for or not, teaches the acceptance of authority -- but not an automatic, robotic acceptance."

"Athletes have to also understand that anxiety is not a flaw, and that overcoming it is possible -- and sometimes a lot easier than they thought."

"The social elements of team sports have far-reaching effects. Team members develop the ability to communicate under stress. They learn to respect others whether they like them or not, and if a team is ethically coached, its members also are taught to respect their opponents no matter how fierce the rivalry."

Thanks, Coach.

And for all of us underdogs:
Inspirational and cheesy both--just what kids love.
I couldn't choose between 'Gonna Fly Now' and 'The Eye of the Tiger.'
I always wished Mr. T was my Big Bro.

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