Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tweets of the Week

Lots going on in Tweetland this week.

News! Good news!
 As a nation we are using the information highway together!

This article references the many questions about the source(s) of autism.,0,5744660.htmlstory

This article describes a teaching technique for the autistic that sounds like 'Gentle Teaching' and would be appropriate for everyone, I think.,0,544346.story

We all hope to find teaching techniques or therapies to solve learning hindrances. We will keep at it!,0,3438178.htmlstory
Living your life is the best educational therapy.

Are there more students with autism, or are we more aware of the problem and therefore identify them?,0,1218038.htmlstory

Parents can make a positive difference in procuring help for their kids in school--all kids.,0,3900437.htmlstory

There are different levels of autism, and sometimes it goes undiagnosed.,0,2311211.htmlstory

Don't panic, parents! But it is a good idea to know what developmental milestones your baby should be near.,0,7724152.story

Writing phobia---let's wipe it out! Teachers project confidence!

Good question, teachers. Do kids see you write?

Let's go national with those pencils!

Love this quote from the National Writing Project. But then several wonderful somebodies taught me to write.

Writing is Essential

Writing is essential to communication, learning, and citizenship. It is the currency of the new workplace and global economy. Writing helps us convey ideas, solve problems, and understand our changing world. Writing is a bridge to the future.

Thank you, Sister Mary Patricia, CSJ. You were so kind and persistent. Still appreciate how you used to pencil in 'Try again, M,' in my journal next to really awful freshman poetry. I did try again.

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