Saturday, April 7, 2012

Film Review: The Jesus Film (free and in 1,120 Languages!)

 This film about Jesus is an evangelistic tool shown around the world to about 6 billion people in many venues, frequently outside. It has been translated into 1,120 languages! It appears about 300 languages or more are available to view online at this link.

Lots of folks are interested in Jesus, and as mentioned in a previous blog, He is respected by major religions, philosophers, and human rights leaders.

Here is a convenient, inexpensive way to see the simplified version of His life and message. For His followers and fans, it is always an inspiration to hear those marvelous words spoken again.

This is an interesting link describing the creation and mission of this film, which is meant to change lives.

More info on the creation and distribution of this film.

Here is some Gospel music from an amazing choir and Gospel music leader, Donald Lawrence. I think it beautifully expresses the curiosity and confusion of the times concerning the mysterious preacher, Jesus. And it is some wonderful music.  
Donald Lawrence & The Tri-city Singers-Stranger

Here are the lyrics:

So--blogbuddies--let's go "Love one another."

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