Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tweets of the Week: Let's Graduate!

Lots of good information on helping kids graduate from high school.

This group, The National Dropout Prevention Center at Clemson has a wonderful site, and if you choose to join, they mail so much information about every six weeks. There are also conferences at many major cities.


This is their philosophy:
  • Goal 1: Increase the awareness of policymakers, administrators, and practitioners about dropout prevention, reentry, and school completion.
  • Goal 2: Increase the number of states that set and meet reasonable and rigorous performance targets for State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicators 1 and 2.
  • Goal 3: Help State Education Agencies (SEAs) and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) develop and improve data systems to track students at risk of dropping out.
  • Goal 4: Help SEAs and LEAs implement and evaluate effective, comprehensive school-completion models, practices, and systems for students with disabilities. 

  How can we coordinate our efforts to help high school kids? Here is more information from the Education Commission of the States' High School Database:


 It's never too late to improve basic skills.


Encouraging the kids to be the best they can be, and article "Academics and School Life: The Importance of Character," another great article from Edutopia.


Although this article is primarily aimed at younger students, parent involvement is always an effective aid.


Facing the future in a cap and gown.

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