Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Music to Grow a Garden By

“Gardening Tools,” Hand colored linocut  © Liz Lyons Friedman
Got my gloves, rake, man, where's my hat?

The Gardener, Van Gogh
Well, at least here's the Beethoven to back me up. Very busy music, the Sonata for Piano and Violin No 5, "Spring Sonata." Great active sound for working with the bees, fingers in the dirt, splashed by the water, digging around, optimistically placing new petaled friends in my home. And maybe this guy can help with any heavy lifting. 

The Second Movement of Beethoven's Spring Sonata is for sitting, pouring some herbal mint iced tea from that teapot into the chalice, and catching your breath! Bit of a gardening break in that comfy green strap chair.

Time to resolve the garden, and the plans for the remainder of the day. The last Movement of the Sonata, and the gardener. Pansies, rest in your bed. Roses, gently hang on your trellis. Jasmine, exhale, sweeten the air. Four-o-clocks, it is four o'clock, say your prayers and close your petals have sweet dreams. You, too, moss roses, rest and regain your strength for your nuclear brightness in the morning. As for me, I'm joining my family to renew my strength. The one in the house.

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