Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sherlock Finale: The Reichenbach Fall

Sherlock and Watson use tech now
Not sure if 2012 Moriarity likes the new ending

No, not Moriarity! The finale for the BBC production of Sherlock is this week. What new twist?

The word is something new will be revealed about Sherlock!

 There have been many Moriarities and many Richenbach Falls, we'll see what it looks like in 2012.

Since there will be a third season, this outcome should be even more marvelous than all the others.
BTW, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle originally wrote this story to kill off Holmes, of whom the author was sick and tired. Maybe Doyle will finally get his wish.

The arch villain with  the best quizzical look, Jim Moriarity.

Sir Arthur, and a great moustache
Don't forget, you can always read the actual stories, which are generally more interesting with the reader's unique imagination. (That means you.)

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