Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teacher Business, and Don't Neglect Recess! Tweets of the Day 8 23 12

Don't neglect recess!

What! Humor? But this is so serious.

 1. A Day In The Life Of A Teacher:

A Poem Dedicated To Teachers And Students For The New School Year 

More humor? You decide.

2. 7 Habits Of Highly Ineffective Educators 

Wonder if this is intended for administrators.

3. 5 Don'ts for Teacher Professional Development

Mind the gap.

3. The Common Core’s Digital-Literacy Gap 

 Not a bad idea--how about that for all schools?

4. Op-ed: Improve early learning with a child-care rating system

This is a very good reminder.

5. 10 Tips to Raise Your Kid's Self-Esteem 

Teachers can learn, too.

6. Teachers learn to integrate technology into curriculum 

The arts! We will always need the arts! Ask the ancient Greeks about it.

7. Using Visual Arts to Engage At-Risk Students

Grades 9-12, Arts, Engagement 
Dr, Judy always has something helpful to say.

8. Experienced Teachers Reflect on Their First Year 




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