Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Politics, Test Scores and Beautiful Schools Tweets of the Day 8 22 12

 I am not a political person, so to be equitable, here's criticism of both political sides concerning education.

Fill-in your own cause.

1. Obama: Romney, Ryan Cuts 'Unfair' To Kids, Would Cripple Schools

2. School officials, teachers unions scrutinize Obama's divisive education agenda 

 While we're at it, let's bash George Bush...we already did Obama and Romney.

3. No Child Left Behind Worsened Education, 48 Percent Of Americans 'Very Familiar' With The Law Say In Gallup Poll 

4. Every reading strategy is worth looking at.

Jigsaws: A Strategy for Understanding Texts

Grades 6-8, ELA, Reading 
5. Will we flip all classes?
Private Technology Will Fix Education Where Tapped Out Governments Cannot 

 I want to teach here!

6. The Most Beautiful and Imaginative Public Schools in the World

May be time to teach in France. 

Giving kids a clue about what college is like.

7. ACT Results Show 60 Percent Of 2012 High School Graduates Are At Risk Of Struggling In College, Career

8.  Student Misconceptions About College Life Can Undermine Success 



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