Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good Advice and Icky News Tweets of the Day 9/2/12

Putting the pieces together--together!

Here is some more info from National Center for Learning Disabilities

1. If You Suspect a Child Has a Learning Disability 

2a. Featured Video: My Child Is Struggling. What Should I Do?

2b. Is a 504 Plan Right for My Child? 

Love the name of the blog.

3. Day 9: The Importance of Sensory Play 

Magic word is routine.

4. Setting and Achieving High Expectations

All Grades, All Subjects, Routine 
5. Race To The Top District Competition Receives Nearly 900 Applications

Apparently, some educators are prepared to create dishonest test scores. How sad. What must the kids think about themselves?

6. New Jersey School Teachers and Principal Suspended For Helping Students Cheat 

7. Shayla Smith, Atlanta Math Teacher, Allegedly Helped Students Cheat On State Exam Because They Were 'Dumb As H@*' 

 This article is confusing. How much must happen how before a teacher isn't a teacher anymore?

8. Pat Frost, North Carolina Teacher Who Slapped Student In Saggy Pants Dispute, Suspended Without Pay 

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