Thursday, September 6, 2012

Supervision Is The Name Of The Game Tweets 9/6/12

Parents, grandparents and school staff working together to supervise. Muy bien.

Safe and successful schools? Supervision is the name of the game. Where are the adults? (at school and at home?)

I wonder how long it had been going on before adults found out.

1. 'Lindbergh Fights' Videos Of School Fight Club Posted To YouTube, Facebook Ignite District Investigation 

2. Back-to-school: What you need to know about bullying

3. How to teach your child about bullying 

 And now some joyful tweets about positive possibilities and planning.

4. NCFL, the national center for literacy education, and diverse organizations join together to share resources and expertise for free 

5. Why September Can Be The Toughest Month For Working Mothers,b=facebook 


Planning for summer 2013--now that's the way to do things!

6. National Conference - General Sessions 


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