Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kids, and What They Need Tweets of the Day 12/5/12

1. Project-Based Learning Research Review 

2. Firm Decisions Before an IEP Meeting May Violate the IDEA 

 3. Search Lesson Plans

Access 40,000+ free lesson plans, printable student activities, teacher videos, complete units and other teaching resources for all subjects and grade levels. 


4. Cory Booker - The Difference One Teacher Can Make 

 5. What Teachers Should Know BEFORE Entering the Classroom 

6.  Sensational Toys from Sensational Kids

7. The Organic Child 

'All children are born with natural learning abilities and their early development will determine their cognitive skills, information processing, and linguistic structure for their lifetime.'Click here to see our 100 Great Stocking Fillers



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