Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Teaching Is Reading A Book Aloud To The Class

I like the concept of 'cultural capital.'

1. Teach the Books, Touch the Heart 


103 Things to Do Before/During/After Reading   

Recommended Books

A guide to some of the best read-alouds 

2. Books to Read Aloud

My favorite. 

3. Classroom Read Aloud - picture books
Looking for a winning story to read to elementary school groups in one session?

4. Elementary Books Read Aloud Online 

5. Recommended Titles for Reading Aloud--Pre K--Grade 9 

6. 5 Best Read-Alouds for Middle School

To Kill A Mockingbird

7. Reading Aloud to Children 

Tom Sawyer
Romeo and Juliet

8. Popular Reading Books (Secondary)

9. I Double Dog Dare You to Read One of These Books...

to a little kid and not have fun! 

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