Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kids Need A Kids' World To Grow Up In

These are my own thoughts.

I've been in a locked-down school with my class of Severely Handicapped students on April 20th. Why April 20th? Hitler's birthday. In our area, pretty much every year a local would inevitably be in front of the school waving a weapon for whatever obscure reason. I've been locked down in a new high school while two hundred students had a race riot. I was required to take Part-R training (the type of training police officers and those working in psychiatric facilities need) while I was teaching the Severely Emotionally Disturbed, then, later administrating a Non-Public School. I've been locked down in a middle school more than once for an intruder alert. Trying to keep kids safe.

The magnitude of evil we are witnessing is uncomprehensible to us. We are clearly in a pitched battle, a spiritual battle. The mystery of evil always points its finger at God. 'I dare you to stop me,' it says. And, for some reason I don't understand, God chooses to use people to intervene and do good. It is my observation that good has been eroded in the name of individual rights and convenience. We mourn the loss of a six year old, but not a six week old fetus. We consider numberless weapons to be our right, then leave them available for access by the unstable, who are not treated for their instability. We permit drug use that causes insufferable damage, including schizophrenia, as though drug users were just in a lower caste system. Children's programming, what used to be 'cartoons,' openly ridicules those of faith, even God and Jesus. We allow what was once called unacceptable pornographic language and productions to be viewed in homes as the norm, regularly seen by children. Children are left to supervise themselves for hours every day, not outside the home, but inside the home with the predators online, and through video games their minds are instructed with murderous skills. Not only do children view immodest behavior and dress, but girls and boys customarily dress the same way.

My response to this.

Blame God? I think not. Blame ourselves for not obeying His guidance and ignoring His wisdom. We sacrifice our children on the altar of modernity just like the prophets of Baal. We enable the shooters by being passive. We need to represent the needs of our children in our schools, communities. We need to agitate for care and safety of our children. We need to write, speak, vote for safety.

Kids need a kids' world to grow up in.

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