Monday, April 29, 2013

The Community Advocate: Conserving and Recycling Event

In Apple Valley, CAL, being a drip is a good thing--at the Spring Conservation Fair!

Conserving and recycling resources is not only a concern in SoCal's High Desert--where I live--but world-wide. This is a great event to educate the inhabitants of our town. Games and prizes, too, for young, old and canine.

Do you know where your water is?

The event was sponsored by Apple Valley Ranchos Water, one of the water companies in the area. Students from Apple Valley High School volunteered to help distribute free shopping bags and help the sign-in lady.

'Earth Day is every day,' this young man told me. This booth described the water cycle using a bracelet.
She's got the whole world in her hands.

Another kid's event was doubly recycle-oriented, teaching about water conservation and using bird seed in the balloon for the local flying inhabitants.
I don't think the balloons are recyclable. Got to figure that out for next year.

Earth: our main squeeze.

The Fire Department gives instruction in water safety this time of year in the elementary schools.

Visible role models in our town.

The lady at the table end is a public education specialist. Questions?

High-paw from McGruff.

There was a fingerprinting booth--not for arrests--but for kids' safety. And our dear friend McGruff 
McGuff greeting long-lost cousins.
was there--for humans and canines.

In the desert, we need to carefully choose how to landscape.
Several local businesses came with suggestions.
Family business

Cowboy hat optional. 
Many homeowners forego lawns and carefully select plans to enhance the idea of xeriscaping--using climate compatible
plants and methods for the Southwestern US.

I appreciated all the freebies.
There were several booths with practical suggestions to minimize erosion and water consumption.

Taking care of home hazardous waste.
The Town of Apple Valley also
had excellent information of removal of household hazardous waste.

Somebody say pizza?
A local radio station, Y102, advertised and participated in the event.

Here's another of my Mr. Bean perspectives; you can see I'm not the only 49ers fan in SoCal.

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