Thursday, May 2, 2013

Being Brilliant

Here are several recent blogs from Annie Murphy Paul. You may want to get an RSS feed for her blog.

Brilliant: The Science of Smart
Annie Murphy Paul.

New research on learning can help us all expand our intelligence

Learning is the master skill, the ability that allows us to realize our ambitions: succeeding in school, getting ahead at work, playing a sport or a musical instrument, speaking a second language. Yet until recently, even the experts didn’t understand how learning works. Now research in cognitive science, psychology and neuroscience is revealing the simple and surprising techniques that can help us learn to be smarter.


The Innate Ability To Learn 

From The Brilliant Report: The Power of Affirming Your Values 

The Reasons Why Students Go To College Matter 

Sleep is a beautiful thing.

After The Lesson, Your Brain Keeps Processing What You’ve Learned 

Classroom Laptop Users Distract Others As Well As Themselves 

Are You Exploiting Your Environment, Or Exploring It?

Time to hang a u-ey. 

From The Brilliant Report: How To Unlearn Mistaken Ideas 





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