Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Activity: Everyday Science at Home

Flowers, like these verbena in my yard, will cross-pollinate creating blended colors. How cool is that?

Kids can also identify insects and their habitats, which is important for safety reasons. The critters become like family, and kids learn to respect their lives in the garden, rather then hunt and squish them.
Mojave lizard, eater of Black Widow Spiders. Bon appetit, dude.

Knowing native plants and birds, how to use water wisely. Kids are easily recruited from an early age to be assistant gardeners and landscapers. 

Checking out the weather by looking at the sky, feeling the humidity, temperature, and the wind patterns are also safety points. Plus, chatting about the weather is just a necessary social skill globally.

And realistically, the sky is cheap entertainment.

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