Monday, October 14, 2013

Need To Know More About Learning Disabilities?

The National Center for Learning Disabilities websites contains helpful information about learning disabilities for teachers and parents. Current update about LDs assist educators and families in the day-to-day instructional day and also keeping long term goals expressed in the Individual Educational Plans (IEPs.) Is this complicated stuff? Yes. So having resources such as the NCLD websites is a wonderful assist for general ed, special ed, and families.

Here are the highlights of NCLD's mission:
  •  We connect parents and others with resources, guidance, and support so they can advocate effectively for their children. 
  • We provide evidence-based tools, resources, and professional development to educators to improve student outcomes. 
  • We develop policies and engage advocates to strengthen rights and opportunities for all individuals who struggle to learn.

    NCLD has current information on many learning disabilities. 

    What Are Disabilities - What is Learning Disability?GENERAL LD INFO A learning disability is more than a difference or difficulty with learning—it’s a neurological disorder. More >
    What is Dyscalculia - Mathematics DisabilityDYSCALCULIA Dyscalculia refers to a wide range of lifelong learning disabilities involving math. More >
    Developmental DyspraxiaDYSPRAXIA Dyspraxia, a disorder that affects motor skill development, often coexists with learning disabilities.More >
    What is ADHD - Attention DeficitADHD & OTHER ISSUES Although not learning disabilities, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and other disorders are not uncommon among people with LD. More >
    What is Dyslexia - What is DyslexicDYSLEXIA This language processing disorder can hinder reading, writing, spelling and sometimes even speaking. More >
    What is Dysgraphia - Writing DisabilityDYSGRAPHIA This LD affects writing and can lead to problems with spelling, poor handwriting and putting thoughts on paper. More >
    Executive Disorder - What is Executive Functioning DisorderEXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING Many people with LD struggle with executive function, which governs your ability to plan, organize and manage details. More >

    The website has specifics for parents, school, and adults with LD; on this website there is also a dynamic Action Alert Center relaying ways to get involved with current issues and describing  advocacy for the learning handicapped.

As a trained Special Education teacher, I would say the information on IEPs is the most precious element at the NCLD website. It is clear, concise, and accurate for parents and school. Really empowering. There are podcasts, videos, and printable resources.

About Learning Disabilities - Learning Disorders CHECKLISTS & WORKSHEETS These easy-to-use, printable forms are designed to make it easier to manage learning disabilities. More >
Learning About Disabilities- Help with Learning Disabilities ASK THE EXPERTS Get in-depth information on learning disabilities and related issues from certified NCLD experts. More >
About Learning Disabilities - Students with DisabilitiesPODCASTS Our audio interviews cover a wide range of topics of interest to parents, educators, and students and adults with LD. More >
Learning About Disabilities - National Learning DisabilitiesSUCCESS STORIES You’re not alone on your LD journey. Countless people have faced learning disabilities...and succeeded! More >
Special Needs Stories - Special Education StoriesLD Talks LD Talks are live, online discussions featuring recognized researchers and parent leaders. Join in! More >
LD Guide - LD QuestionsFAQS Have a specific question about learning disabilities? There's a good chance others have wondered the same thing. More >
Videos Learning DisabilitesVIDEOS Get plugged into the world of LD through our informative videos, featuring experts and individuals with LD alike. More >
Guides for Parents - Education AdvocacyE-BOOKS Our free, downloadable publications and guides will provide you with in-depth information on key topics that impact your child’s education. More >
What Are Learning Disabilities - Disability ResourceRESOURCE LOCATOR Find local testing facilities, chapters of the Learning Disabilities Association of America, private LD schools and more. More >
Our free newsletters will keep you up-to-date with timely information, resources, and legislative news that affect those with learning disabilities.

How excellent to have valuable resources for the home and classroom. General education teachers, in particular, can get questions answered about mainstreaming students--or at least know which question to ask of the Special Education professional.

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