Saturday, February 15, 2014

Next Week's Lesson Plans Tweets of the Day 2/15/14

Oh, man, time to do lesson plans again already?

 This link may help you develop plans for current events.

This link is great for lessons in the next couple weeks of Black History Month. 

These links are good to bring depth to your lesson plans:

Teaching Empathy: Turning a Lesson Plan into a Life Skill

Lesson Plans and Resources for Arts Integration Planning Lessons

These links will help you schedule fun and physical activity.
Saw the cutest square dancing
lesson for Grades 1 and 2 this week.

Swing Your Partner: The Basics of Square Dancing

Explore the art of square dancing and the role it played in American history

Engaging Classroom Games for All Grades

 These links will help you keep organized (and sane):

Make Time to Teach:Ten Tools For Reducing Paperwork 

Five Keys to Successful Parent-Teacher Communication



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