Thursday, August 28, 2014

Teaching Is Getting To Know The Kids

We get to know our students all year long. 
1. 36 Interesting Ways  to Get To Know Your Class

2.  Traci's 19th List of Ten:
Ten Narrative Writing Prompts 

3. Self-Portrait
Grade Levels: 3 - 5 

4. All-About-You Activities 

 Teachers can also get feedback from kids concerning their personal favorites, current events,  and hopes and dreams and do a class comparison. This activity can be connected to just about every discipline. It is also a good break from the hard-core core curriculum. 

5. Gathering Feedback from Students

Giving students a choice--and you can notice and acknowledge that choice. You learn more about the kid, and the child feels validated that you noticed.
You can learn a lot about a child by their choices.

6.  Liven Up Your Lessons by Giving Students Choices 

 7. Giving Students a Say May Spur Engagement and Achievement 


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