Thursday, September 25, 2014

King Tut, Tut

The Tomb of King Tut was discovered 90 years ago this month by Howard Carter.
Here's the background on the unfortunate young man: 

Tut's chamber was a main attraction in Las Vegas' Luxor for quite awhile. I saw it--couldn't say how realistic it was because I've never been to Egypt.

Luxor King Tut Museum Las Vegas 

Here is a CSI type recreation of what Tut may have looked like (which looks like two-thirds of the students in the high school I was teaching in during 2005)


The King Tut exhibit went traveling through the USA in 1978 (again in 2005), and inspired comedian Steve Martin to pen this music on SNL. 

King Tut

 King Tut (King Tut)
Now when he was a young man,
He never thought he'd see
People stand in line to see the boy king.

(King Tut) How'd you get so funky?
(Funky Tut) Did you do the monkey?
Born in Arizona,
Moved to Babylonia (king Tut).

(King Tut) Now, if I'd known
They'd line up just to see him,
I'd taken all my money
And bought me a museum. (king Tut)

Buried with a donkey (funky Tut)
He's my favorite honkey!
Born in Arizona,
Moved to Babylonia (king Tut)

(Tut, Tut) Dancin' by the Nile, (Disco Tut, Tut)
The ladies love his style, (boss Tut, Tut)
Rockin' for a mile (rockin' Tut, Tut)
He ate a crocodile.

He gave his life for tourism.
Golden idol!
He's an Egyptian.

They're selling you!

Now, when I die,
Now don't think I'm a nut,
Don't want no fancy funeral,
Just one like ole king Tut. (king Tut)

He coulda won a Grammy, (king Tut)
Buried in his Jammies, (king Tut)
Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia,
He was born in Arizona, got a condo made of stone-a,
King Tut!

Footnote: Tut was not actually born in Arizona.

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