Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lead the Kids to Literacy Tweets of the Day 6/28/12

Student reading to his group--and I love the pleasant classroom and the kids' materials on their chairs. Wish I knew what they were reading.

This site has loads and loads of interesting and useful graphic organizers and tips on teaching literature. Give it a look.

Here are a few educators defending strategies that seem to me to be hardly new or controversial. But it is very good to review and plan now for a nice, balanced program for the new year.

Seven Literacy Strategies That Work

Here is a site of many, many things interesting only to teachers--and--wait for it--new Dolch words!

This is a very quick look at a well known reading comprehension strategy, K W L.

 Literacy Strategy- K W L (What I Know; What I What to Know; What I Learned)
I know! I know!
K — What I KNOW
begins with students’ prior knowledge—brainstorm and record
W — What I WANT to learn/know
students articulate their own questions
students record what they have learned

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