Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gossamer Wings On My Mint!

A Butterfly Garden has been one of my goals this summer--and  I was more successful then expected. This year I have been more closely observing what I had thought were moths (I previously hadn't paid much attention to these tiny winged critters because I didn't think they were butterflies. What an elitist I was!)

...his fairy errand like the light and glittering gossamer before the breeze.

Now that I'm looking more closely, have been finding the most interesting butterflies.

This is a Edwards' Hairstreak Satyrium edwardsii. Not supposed to be this far west. 

His backside has camouflage--a faux eye and antennae that rub together to deceive predators. 

He is considered a 'gossamer-winged' true butterfly; the caterpillar depend on eating ants, which could be why they like my yard here in the desert.

This butterfly isn't even on the flowers I specially planted for the Butterfly Garden--he's really enjoying the flowering mint which is one of the easiest plants to grow. 

He's even compared to Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream:
  "...his fairy errand like the light and glittering gossamer before the breeze."

Correction! I have discovered that this is a California Hairstreak. I've joined the NABA (North American Butterfly Association) and post pics and get info about the butterflies I view on my outdoor adventures. 

North American Butterfly Association 

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