Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Don't Give Up On Your Child's Learning

 Accept a word of encouragement: learning may hit a flat spot, but improvement will happen. Keep going! I've been a teacher and a mom...hang in there!
 This is a very thorough link with excellent ideas for reading improvement. Keep at it, don't give up!

1. Strategies to Improve Reading Skills at Home or School

Reading Improvement Strategies

Keeps your math thinking clear.
This next link is for math improvement. Although it is clearly written by a math person for upper grades, I really appreciate the advice for visual learners and this can be useful for lower grades. It is so wise to write your work carefully. If possible, it is also smart to use appropriatesized graph paper for scratch paper and block out each section you've used for each problem so you can so back over and check your work, which is the method of high achievers. 

2. Top 10 Strategies to Improve Your Math Grades

 Communication always so important. Here's is another great site for ideas.

3. Foster Language, Reading, and Writing Improvement at Home 

Family Councils
Plan fun things, doesn't have to be a crisis.

Communication in the family can help, too. Creating a comfortable, caring, creative learning environment is a family affair.

4. Family Councils: The Key Is Communication 


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