Thursday, July 16, 2015

Getting Ready for School: Emergency Lesson Plans Packet

Teachers cannot predict to 100% accuracy when they will not be available to be in their classroom. Now is a great time to research and prepare a packet for times when you're not in the room. I used a small, portable hanging file labeled largely and obviously and a huge flashing police light on top like one on a police car. (Kidding about the flashing light. But having subbed myself, I know it takes a moment to get oriented as you walk in the assigned class and spot the lesson plans which you have seriously prayed are there somewhere. )

I won't berate negligent teachers who do not regularly leave nor update lesson plans for subs. We realize that is substandard teaching. Now is a good time to resolve any deficit. Update as soon as your class list or other emergency info changes . Of course, the sub doesn't have to teach an important lesson, but do leave substantial work. The kids will benefit from being anchored to the work, and there will be less mischief. Have the sub fill out a report page for you, with info in case you want her/him back.

Good principals (at least at middle school) require teachers to have plans on file with administrative assistants who give the sub packets to the substitute teachers as they sign in. This makes perfect sense for effectively insuring a safe and productive day for the students and teacher.

It is a great idea for the sub to bring her/his own emergency lesson plans, just in case. Sub Hub is a link below that may help

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