Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Getting Ready For School: Recordkeeping

'Perfect' Record Book? Sounds like famous last words.
With a little time to evaluate how to improve, here are some links with suggestions to make your teaching task easier. Recordkeeping can be a rather personal style choice, sometimes districts provide programs on your teacher computer. The last link, concerning parent-teacher communication, is an area of greatest need for improvement in general, by my observation.

1. Teacher Housekeeping Tasks and Recordkeeping Tasks

2. Best teach record-keeping system

3. Teacher Record Keeping

4. Classrooms Records Management 

5. 10 apps for teacher's record keeping

6. Establishing effective record keeping,.htm

It is my experience that when documenting parent communication teachers are least effective, maybe because communication by phone or text is frequently on the run away from desk computers or written record books. But it is very crucial to document all communication with parents.

7. Documenting Parent- Teacher Communication

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