Sunday, November 8, 2015

Stuffing Or Dressing?

There is a difference in the preparation of the ingredients that
makes one dish stuffing and one dressing.

Stuffing is cooked in the poultry cavity. Dressing is cooked in a separate container. Seems obvious, huh? But I still had to research to be sure.

Auntie Melanie

 I made dressing with a turkey dinner this week. Since I usually make stuffing, I researched different ways to do prepare dressing. It wasn't fancy, but it turned out very hearty and delicious (at least we thought so.)


Dressing, ready for the oven.
1 packet Mrs. Cubbison's Seasoned Stuffing mix
(I know I copped out, but next time more original)

1 c broth,
I used turkey broth
(fruit juice was also suggested, which intrigued me; I'm checking that out.)

1 small onion   
1 c chopped celery                                                                       
2 cloves fresh garlic
3 tbs fresh, chopped parsley                                        
3 tbs chopped fresh sage
1 medium potato cut into very small pieces
2 tbs butter

The ingredients are mixed, almost like tossing a salad; place in a 2 qt. oven proof container. Dot the mixture with butter. Place uncovered in a 375F degree oven for about 35 minutes.

This side saves well in the refrigerator, and freezes well. We had dressing with open-faced hot turkey sandwiches, plus whipped sweet potatoes and cranberries. The bits of potatoes and crunchy celery really added a lot to the dressing.

The dressing is hiding between the mashed sweet potatoes and the cranberries.

 Here are links to the stuffing recipes I've already put up:

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Gardening Tip

I've moved parts of my herb garden indoors for the winter. I am blessed with a large, sunny, southern-exposed window in the family room near the kitchen, so I am developing an indoor garden area.  It is very cheerful and convenient to snip what's needed for a special, fresh addition to a recipe. I've discovered that some grocery stores sell living herbs that can be planted at home, so I've incorporated some cilantro and chives which should be very pleasant in a  Mexican omelet.

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