Sunday, February 14, 2016

Educational Links 2/15/16

Radical Pedagogy 

Early Childhood Learning Environments to Support Young Kids 

5 Epiphanies for Reaching the Unreachable Learner 

Hey, Parents. What Minecraft Is Doing to Your Kids Is Kind of Surprising. 

Listen and You Shall Hear: Ways to Let People Know They Matter 

Reading Through Your Child Eyes

Boost Your Resilience By Managing Emotional Triggers

Educators encounter a myriad of challenges every day. While these can be draining and frustrating, we can control our responses to challenges: to a student who won't follow direction, to an angry parent who wants to talk five minutes before class starts, or to an administrator who seems to only see what's not working in our classroom. By exploring how we respond to others, we can increase our emotional resilience.

Elena Aguilar

Transformational Leadership Coach from Oakland, California

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