Friday, April 22, 2016

Educational Links 4/23/16

Digital Classroom Simulations Signal New Frontier in Teacher Training

We're Bridging the Wrong Gap With Our Low-Income Students, and Here's Why're-bridging-the-wrong-gap-with-our-low-income-students-and-here's-why 

Best Resources For Learning About Flint Water Crisis 

Personalized Learning: The Best of Both Worlds 

Why Virtual Reality Is So Important 

10 Realities About Bullying at School and Online 

Meeting The Needs of Diverse Learners

 As educators, we’re continually learning about our students, what they know, where they get stuck, and how to support them to get better. It’s not easy work at all. It’s intellectually and emotionally rigorous, and is done so much better in collaboration. I hope you’ll join me, my colleagues, and my students on this journey to get better at our practice. As you view our videos, we welcome any and all thoughts, questions, and ideas. Meeting the needs of our diverse learners really is a community effort.

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