Saturday, May 7, 2016

Educational Links 5/8/16

The Toxic Mix of Segregation and Achievement Gaps--A Problem That Money Alone Won't Fix 

Response: What Teachers Wish They 'Had Been Told' 

How to Integrate Professional IT Tools into the Classroom 

7 Ways Childhood Adversity Can Change Your Brain 

Finding a New and Better Job in Education 

Get the 2016 Teacher’s Guide to Technology 

Raise Your Hand! Lower Your Voice! How to Manage School Behavior 

ADHD is not the same for every child, but it can impact behavior in similar ways. To keep kids from acting out, teachers often must figure out what triggers kids' misbehavior, and adjust the structure of the classroom and school discipline accordingly. This is no small task, but read on for some proven methods for avoiding interruptions, improving socials skills, and bolstering self esteem in the classroom.


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