Monday, June 6, 2016

Educational Links 6/7/16

Latest Study: A full-time school librarian makes a critical difference in boosting student achievement 

Bookshare: Best-Kept Secret for Kids with Dyslexia 

Positioning Your Teen For Success

Positionaing Your Teen For Success 

19 Things I’ve Learned This Year That I’m Too Tired to Explain

Your Smartphone Is Making You Miserable 

How Trauma-Informed Teaching Builds A Sense of Safety And Care 

Homework Inequality: The Value of Having a Parent Around After School 

 Much has been written lately about homework: There’s too much of it; it’s stressing out parents, kids, and teachers; the time it takes is overwhelming. Many of the critiques of homework focus on how valuable it actually is: Do rote teaching-to-the-test worksheets truly improve students’ understanding? But far less discussed is how some children do their homework without the luxury of parental attention and assistance, or even just quiet time at home to complete assignments. There is not nearly as much being said about how increasing amounts of homework unduly affect poor families and exacerbate inequality.




Positioning Your Teen For Success19 Things I’ve Learned This Year That I’m Too Tired to Explai on the Year's Accomplishment

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