Thursday, July 21, 2016

Educational Links 7/22/16

Makerspaces and Equal Access to Learning 

5 Steps for a Successful STEAM Lab 

STEM News Roundup: Initiative Aims to Increase STEM in Pre-Kindergarten Years 

How Girls With ADHD Are Different 

The Most Common Teacher Pitfalls… And How to Avoid Them 

All Public Schools Have a Suspension Problem. And It Hurts Students of Color and Students with Disabilities 

‘What's the one thing that links all brilliant teachers? They don’t know they’re brilliant’ 

One question that I am often asked is: "What is common in all good teachers?"
Of course, it’s easy to talk about putting the child first, making learning fun or seeking ways to ensure all children reach their potential.
The reality is different, however: the only thing that links every good teacher I know is that they just don't recognise they are one. They seem to live in this permanent haze of self-doubt.



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