Monday, August 15, 2016

Educational Links 8/16/15

As Millions of Kids Return to School, Common Sense Education Ramps Up Commitment to "Digital Citizenship for All" to Prepare Students to Navigate and Succeed in a Fast-Moving Digital World 

The Importance Of Teacher & Student Autonomy 

3 Stretch Goals for Math Teaching This Year 

What Is Structured Literacy?

6 Must-Have Creation Tools for the BYOD Classroom 

Making the Case for Arts Education in Urban Schools 

 Teaching with Graphic Novels 

 Comic books have long been contraband in the classroom. These colorful stories are most often thought of as a distraction hidden behind the math book for slacking students. However, modern graphic novels have emerged as an effective teaching tool that can help improve literacy, explain complex concepts, and get students excited about reading. Many are beginning to view them as literature.

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