Monday, August 1, 2016

Educational Links 8/2/16

 NGSS Have Been Adopted. Now what? 

Does School Climate Influence, Even Determine Teacher Effectiveness? 

Start School Strong 

How We Can Help Kids With Transitions 

What Your Brain Looks Like On Math 

Back to School Advice for Principals and Teachers 

12 Times You Can Count On Your Supervisor Walking Into Your Classroom 

Is 'Fun' an Ideal Teaching Goal? 

 Teachers who promise to make school fun are like parents who want to be friends with their children. Sure, I am all for fun (and friends), but in the appropriate context. Learning can and should be engaging, exciting, compelling, stimulating, satisfying, inspiring, imaginative and even pleasurable. But fun? A teacher's main job is to help students become more competent, confident and curious. Fun rarely delivers on those goals. Words matter. The word "fun" can trivialize the serious work related to learning and confuse teaching with entertaining.

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