Monday, September 5, 2016

By the Sea! In the Air! At Bubba Gump's!

So beautiful, so deadly: jellyfish.

Molly, Melanie, Marcia, Mary--from MSMC
 Under the sea at the Long Beach Aquarium, visiting with three of my friends from Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles--we were silly girls doing serious study in the seventies. We turned out to be one librarian, two Special Education teachers, and one chemist. And very happy to be together again.
Sweet lorikeet enjoying nectar.

The aquarium included huge
Yes, I think I'm Nat Geo!Pic by Marcia.
aquarium walk through tanks- sometimes with narrative; a lorikeet adventure where visitors can interact with the birds; a session describing the medical component of the aquarium; pet a manta ray; and lots more we didn't get to, including penquins.

It is always fun to see families with young children enjoying museums, aquariums and zoos. The critters we come to visit seem to enjoy the visits as well.

That's it--to the right of the dancing porpoise.

The four of us went to Bubba Gump's for lunch. No, we didn't fly down to Alabama--its the chain restaurant next to the aquarium, which is right by the beach, by the way.

By the sea, by the sea...

Molly was my roommate at the Mount, and I stayed a couple nights with her in Long Beach, like old times. We spent a day at the beach. And that's what being a California Girl means to me.

Molly at the Science Center.
Molly and I  visited the California Science Museum, which is located in the main part of Los Angeles, near USC and the LA Colisseum, now home to the LA Rams. (Which is about time.)

Flight sim like Wilbur and Orville.
The Space Shuttle Endeavour is housed there. You may recall a few years ago when all of Los Angeles lined the streets as Endeavour was towed all the way from the High Desert near Lancaster through the San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, down to LA where it is now. It was such a big deal at the time, as it should be. At the Science Center there are also many, many compelling displays of all types of hands-on science for kids.
Lots of chances to study about the climate, flight, the environment.
Poetry and science!
 One activity supporting interest in the environment was concerning erosion, especially for rivers. Talk about STEM to
STEAM! Art and poetry was displayed along with documentaries and hands-on activities.

Fun guide for career choice.
Not quite in the tank with the fish.

The Science Center included a fascinating aquarium, a tiny town to pretend careers, gift shop where you can buy an astronaut suit, and lunch, too, near a rose garden outside USC.

But the star of the show was the Endeavour. I always enjoy seeing airplanes, space craft, but to see a space shuttle is downright awesome, in the truest sense of the word. Being the generation that listened to Kennedy's Space Speech--and witnessed the beginning of the Space Program, I remain optimistic and enthralled with all the current activity. So much excitement!
Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Museum, Los Angeles.

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