Thursday, September 8, 2016

Educational Links 9/9/16

5 Tips for Selecting Websites for Student Use 

Can an IEP or 504 Plan Include Something About Getting Emotional Support at School? 

Ring Their Bells: A New Way to Deliver Bell Work 

10 Teacher Actions For Better Collaboration This School Year 

 Considering Learning Spaces: How Do We Design Inclusive Classrooms? 

11 Facts About the Math Disorder Dyscalculia

Celebrating Diversity, Building Successful Classrooms 

Educators know that students carry what is on their minds with them—right into the classroom. Building solid relationships involves finding out about your students, as well as what is on their minds, and diffusing tensions even when you don’t have the right answer. How we connect this process with the ugly intolerance of the polls and political campaigns of the past year is important. American demographics are becoming more diverse, and this societal atmosphere will surely spill into the classroom.

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