Saturday, September 17, 2016

Educational Links 9/18/16

Report: STEM's Future Is Play, Inclusiveness, Lifelong Education 

Teaching Strategies: Advice from Veteran Educators 

Tapping Into the Adolescent Need For Purpose to Motivate Learners 

Autism Therapies Blur Boundary Between Clinic, Everyday Life 

Interactive Notebooks: No Special Hardware Required

Ed-Tech Research Leads to Successful Students 

Celebrate National Park Centennial With a Project 

“Does a project always have to be about a problem? Can’t it be about something worth celebrating?” When a teacher asked me that question this summer during a project-based learning (PBL) workshop, she got me thinking. When I brainstorm with teachers about project ideas, I tend to think first of topics that give students a chance to solve an interesting challenge or advocate for a solution to a problem that concerns them. I encourage teachers to look for projects that will give students opportunities to put their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to work. Often, that means wrestling with problems.

But PBL can also open opportunities to shine a light on people or places worth celebrating.

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