Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Educational Links 10/20/16

Defining Love: An Assignment That Can Reveal Students’ Perspective on Life 

Personalized Learning: What Does the Research Say? 

Pump up the volume! More talking in class, please! 

At a Glance: Signs of Depression in Your Middle-Schooler 

Researchers See Brain Differences Between Kids With Dyslexia and Kids With Dysgraphia 

Why Don’t Teachers Get Training On Mental Health Disorders? 

How Leaders Can Improve Their Schools’ Cultural Competence  

We live in an increasingly pluralistic society where people run up against the thoughts and beliefs of others more and more frequently. Helping children learn to navigate the space between what they believe and what others believe is perhaps one of the best ways we can overcome the hate we see in so many facets of our society today.

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